Websites for Small Businesses

We build the stage, but you are the playwright. No contracts. No hassle.

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A Website that Hits the Right
Notes Brings the Audience

Like an amphitheater needs a strong foundation, your business needs a well built online base. Whether you utilize social media or an online store, it all goes back to your website. With your direction, we will guide you in finding your brand and voice that puts you center stage for new clients. With no contracts or start-up fees, you can focus on your business with peace of mind.

How Does a Tuggle Solutions Website Benefit Your Business?

Complete Control

You hold the baton in your hands, you get to direct the show. Website, hosting, and domain are all owned by you.

Design & Build

We set the stage for you to showcase your business so you can update on your time.

No High Fees

We cater to small businesses that are either just starting or need a little push online.

Mobile Responsive

From smartphones to desktops, your website will always be in harmony.

Act 1 Website Package
Starting at

Domain Configuration

Content Writing

Google Analytics Set-Up

WordPress Set-Up

Branding Consultation

Heatmap Tracking

'Coming Soon' Page

Contact Form

Page Builder Software

5 Page Website

Security Enhancements

Customized Theme

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Looking to Sell Online?
Add Ecommerce to Your Website!

Selling your product online can be a daunting task, but we want to make it easy for you. By utilizing Shopify, we integrate your product information seamlessly into your WordPress website. User experience and security are some of our main focuses on your store, which is why an SSL certificate is a must with the Ecommerce Package.

Ecommerce Add On Starting at $200

Not Ready to be the Sole Conductor?

While we build the website using easy to use page builder software, we understand that not everyone learns overnight or has the time to make the changes they want. That's why we offer a monthly maintenance service after the completion of your website. We'll take care of the updates and security checks behind the scenes and any content updates you need. After all, the show must go on!

Website Maintenance