Training & Analysis

Direct your team to an astounding performance with customers and coworkers

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Customer Service Training

Any employee who interacts with a customer or guest could use customer service training. In addition to customer service representatives, this includes other positions such as receptionists, technical support representatives, field service technicians, sales engineers, shopkeepers, waiters, etc.

Let's face it, we all get bad reviews from time to time. How your company handles them can actually turn a bad run into an even better show. With Tuggle Solutions, we can help teach your team proper phone etiquette and how to de-escalate angry clients. Investing in employee training not only benefits the employee but also enhances relationships with customers which leads to brand loyalty.

Soft Collection Training

Learn how to collect past due balances without running off your client.

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Leadership Workshop

What does being a leader mean to you and your team? At Tuggle Solutions, we believe everyone can be a boss but it takes hard work to be the leader that your team needs to thrive. Shakeup expectations by having your management or executive team learn from an experienced mentor.

Process Analysis

Sometimes you are too close to a project or process to really see the nicks in the stage. With an outsider's viewpoint, we can help you cut down friction costs, find efficiencies, and gain a new perspective.


Hourly Training Packages

It's time to increase the tempo of your team's skills

1 Hour Training


3 Hour Training


6 Hour Training