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Marketing Consulting

Between branding and social media, it’s easy to get tripped up in the backstage chaos and can lead down the slippery slope of forgetting the big picture.  Where do you want to be next month? Next quarter? Or even next year? Having Tuggle Solutions is a way to ease the overhead while still having a stage manager in the wings. Together we analyze the numbers and come up with a plan of action to achieve the goals you have set for your business.

Brand Consulting

This is the stage where businesses need to start asking questions about who they are and what they represent. We help companies with many branding services. Whether it is assisting you to create a name, tag line, or voice for your small business, we can help set the stage. Once we have provided you with our recommendations, the baton is in your hands. You can choose to take those suggestions to the agencies you see fit or we are equipped to provide in-house branding services with our design and web team.

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Social Media Consulting

Social Media like Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram are taking over the business world and each platform is unique with different advantages for each company based on their genre. Knowing which one is best for you is critical. We offer insights and, in the case of Facebook, we offer management and content creation. Not sure which is right for you? Let’s schedule a hassle-free consultation.

Facebook Content Management


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Facebook Branding Assets


TikTok Green Screen Backgrounds

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Style Guide Training


Hourly Consulting Packages

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