Design & Publishing Services for Authors

Do you have a book you want to get published but can't figure out how to get started? We can help you through the whole process, cover to cover.

Go Ahead. Judge a Book by Its Cover.

Let's face it, a good cover can make or break how a book performs. And so for some, writing the story is only half the battle. Not every author feels comfortable designing their own cover. We can help bring your vision to life! When you choose to design your book or Ebook with us, you gain a creative partner - one who is dedicated to your vision and success.

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Consulting for Self-Publishing on Amazon & Kindle

Whether a seasoned author or a brand new writer, we have services available to expand your audience and get your story out to the world. We provide consulting for self-publishing on Amazon and Kindle or we can take complete control for a stress-free opening night. We will handle everything from manuscript upload to cover proofing to the big public release. All we need from you is a formatted manuscript.

Tuggle Solutions Publishing


Up to 80,000-word count

Add $50 for every additional 10,000 words

(The author must provide a formatted manuscript)


When A Full Website Isn't in the Budget,
We Have the Solution!

Not every author wants a full website. It can be daunting to a creative mind to think about putting a website together or what kind of upkeep a site may need. We have a solution that will keep costs low and provide you the support you need—your very own author page. Your readers can view all of your books/platforms and even your upcoming tales in one location. Make things easier on your reader while making things easier on yourself. Pair an author page with our social media services and you have the full production team!

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Featured Authors

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